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About Lisa Edwards

I got my diving feet wet for the first time in 2001, learning to scuba on Johnston Atoll. In the two years I spent there I logged almost 250 dives. After leaving the Pacific, I lived in New Orleans, Louisiana for a couple of years and suffered a diving dry spell. Then Hurricane Katrina happened.

Southern Atlantic Stingrays

In 2006, my brother's Florida dive shop beckoned from Pompano Beach. I worked in a variety of roles for the dive shop. By 2011, I no longer worked in the dive shop but was responsible for the product photography and some other administrative duties at Dive Gear Express. As I am lucky enough to live in an area with an enormous variety of diving, I get to dive quite a bit again! Southeast Florida is an awesome place to live as a diver, because there are great reefs and wrecks just a few minutes from shore.


I have been diving the Dive Rite O2ptima closed circuit rebreather since September 2006 and have logged over eight hundred CCR hours. My brother and I are also certified as CCR Trimix divers, and have been diving some very deep wrecks. A rebreather is ideally suited for deep diving, longer bottoms times, getting close to wildlife, and doing underwater photography or videography.


My favorite format is video, and I currently use a Sony HD camcorder in a Seatools housing. I have taken it to 300 feet! For editing, I use both a Dell workstation with Adobe Photoshop Elements and Premiere Pro, and a MacBook Pro with Final Cut Studio 2.

Union Express Wreck
Speigel Grove Wreck

Getting back to basics is fun too - all of the pictures on this page were taken with black and white film in a Nikonos V. I developed my film the old fashioned way, scanned the negatives, and used my computer as a digital darkroom.

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